Marina Club

The Waterlefe Marina Club is a privately-owned equity membership club that offers our member boating enthusiasts a high quality marina facility. The Club, a residential marina directly on the Manatee River, with 59 slips ranging in size from 20 to 29 feet. The Club is a private not-for-profit corporation, managed by an elected Board of three members. The Club has an annual budget funded by members’ dues which cover fresh water, electricity, insurance, common area lighting, maintenance/cleaning of the docks, and 24-hour Video Surveillance/Security. Each member of the Waterlefe Marina Club has an equity ownership interest in the Club.

Cova Marina

The Cove is a privately owned marina located at 905 Fish Hook Cove with 13 boat slips.

Waterways Sites

Waterlefe is home to a wide variety of boating activities, including kayaking, canoeing, traditional boating, etc.